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School History

School: Pratt Institute

School: Syracuse University

School: London College of Printing (now London College of Communication)

Work History

Title:Chief Creative Officer

Company: BXB, LLC

Start: 116

Title:Director of Motion Graphics

Company: Don Schaaf & Friends, Inc. (ds+f)

Start: 114

Title:Director of Motion Graphics

Company: Mike Raso Advertising

Start: 114

End: 116


Company: Atlantis Events

Start: 102

End: 106

Title:Visual Communications Specialist

Company: BXB, Inc

Start: 87

End: 114

Company: BXB, Inc.

Start: 87

End: 114

Title:Special-Effects Artist/Editor

Company: Charlex

Start: 83

End: 87


Company: Synapse Video Center

Start: 78

End: 81

Title:Announcer, Program Director (1979-80)

Company: WAER-FM

Start: 71

End: 80

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